(715) 426-5043 RiverFallsVRT@gmail.com

We are a group of volunteers that want to help those in need for delivering of food or prescription medications during the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. This is not taxi related services we will not be transporting people.

These are chaotic times that require all hands on deck. Every day over the last week has brought major, scary challenges across the board. Now more than ever, people across our medical, political, and economic leadership are being stretched thin – an incredible amount of work needs to be done and much of it is falling on mayors, governors, and doctors across the country. As able-bodied citizens with free time, we wanted to shoulder some of that responsibility within our communities. We’re here to do the grunt work while others focus on tackling the bigger issues.

We are working to make these uncertain times a little safer for those most at risk, and if you need our assistance we are here for you.